About NORA
NORA was established on 21 November 2018 to strengthen Norwegian research, education, and innovation within AI, as well as other relevant fields that support the development of AI applications.

NORA contributes to the development of joint research projects among part­ners, collaborates closely with startup companies in the AI­field, coordinates education, as well as strengthens the collaboration between the consortium partners’ research communities and the business community.
NORA further contributes to positi­oning Norwegian research in AI in the international arena and has a special responsibility for developing activities aimed at Horizon Europe. In addition, the NORA secretariat creates meeting venues and hosts various events for researchers and students. NORA is also a member of CLAIRE – Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe and serves as the CLAIRE office in Norway/Nordics.
As of 31 December 2021, the NORA consortium consists of the following partners:
  1. BI Norwegian Business School
  2. Kristiania University College
  3. NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
  4. Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  5. OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
  6. Simula Research Laboratory AS
  8. UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  9. University of Agder
  10. University of Bergen
  11. University of Oslo
  12. University of South­-Eastern Norway
  13. University of Stavanger
  14. Western Norway Research Institute
  15. Østfold University College

NORAs programs and initiatives
The figure provides an overview of NORA ́s programs and initiatives. Several of the initiatives have their own governance structure with their own boards and committees.

Timeline 2018-2022
November 2018
NORA established as collabo­ration between six universities and one research institute
January 2019
NORA expanded with two new partners
April 2019
NORA is operational with nine partners and CEO Klas H. Pettersen is appointed
April 2019
NORA officially launched with a kick­-off
June 2019
NORA ́s first newsletter was sent out
August 2019
NORA participated at Arendalsuka and sets Artificial Intelligence in health care on the agenda
December 2019
January 2020
Norway ́s first AI strategy was launched with input from NORA
February 2020
NORA ́s first breakfast seminar
February 2020
NORA organized its first PhD Symposium
May 2020
NORA organized its first webinar
May 2020
NORA recieved funding from RCN to organize Nordic AI young researcher symposium (Nordic AI Meet)
June 2020
NORA organized its largest webinar with Arnoldo Frigessi (UiO)
June 2020
NORA launched its strategy for 2020-2022
September 2020
NORA.startup officially launched
December 2020
NORA launched podcast «NORA Explains AI»
March 2021
NORA supported project AI­-Mind started officially
March 2021
NORA launched its campaign “Women in AI"
April and July 2021
Four new partners joined NORA
June 2021
CLAIRE launched its Oslo Office with NORA as host
June 2021
NORA.startup recognised as an entrepreneurial ecosystem for AI and innovation by Innovation Norway
July 2021
NORA recongnized as RCN supported AI focused EU­ network for Horizon Europe
July 2021
Four new partners joined NORA
August 2021

NORA organized its largest event to date with more than 600 participants about Alpha­ Fold v2.0 and RoseTTAFold
Sept.–november 2021
Two new partners joined NORA
September 2021
NORA ́s first general assembly is held
Sept.–november 2021

NORA ́s first dataset competition is organized
October 2021
Norwegian AI Directory is launched by NORA
November 2021
NORA organized Nordic AI Meet – a conference for young researchers
November 2021
NORA organized its first annual conference in Bergen
November 2021
Nordic Machine Intelligence (NMI) – a non­commercial, peer­reviewed, open­access journal is launched
January 2022
NORA granted funding from RCN to establish a national research school